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4 days ago

Pain Relief Guide -

Pain is a signal anonymous from our body that something is not

right. It can be due to a physical injury, some kind of disease, or emotional upset.

Most types of physical pain can be treated with pain relievers.

2 weeks ago

Research and Markets: 2011 U.S. Electromedical Equipment Manufacturing Industry Report

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (

has announced scientific equipment the addition of the "2011

U.S. Electromedical Equipment Manufacturing Industry Report" report

to their offering.

2 weeks ago

How Small Businesses Can Handle Patent Trolls

Patent trolls are some click to find out more of the biggest drains on American business -- they tie up time, resources, and, according to a 2011 study by Boston University, cost American businesses $29 Billion in that year alone. By enforcing patents with absolutely no intention of ever manufacturing a product, patent trolls also effectively stifle otherwise great companies and ideas, simply to make money for their own gain.

Earlier this month the White House announced an initiative to combat patent trolls by reforming the patent process and reducing litigation costs.

In addition to this new initiative

3 weeks ago

Is SEO DOA as a core marketing strategy? | Reuters

CHICAGO Ron Springer is overhauling his company's website and is spending a big chunk of his marketing budget to help boost its search engine ranking. He had no idea he might be throwing his money away on an outdated strategy.

"If search engine isn't what gets you up to the top of the list, what is?" said Springer, who runs boutique event planning firm Esprit Productions in Libertyville, Illinois. "We designed it with search engine totally in mind."

Entrepreneurs like Springer may want to reconsider pouring money into search engine

3 weeks ago

How to Make Better Investments

There are lots and lots of investment options available for people, but most of the options may not be a better choice. Identifying a better investment option that offers better return value in the future is the key to successful investment. When you are looking for investment options, you need to remember the fact that wrong choice can drag you into huge financial crisis. So, you need to dedicate your time to identify the best option for investment.

Creating a proper investment strategy is the key to determine a good investment option. Almost all the successful entrepreneurs will have a well-planned investment strategy. Investment options can be categorized into different types such as long term, short term and medium term investment. You can even find investment options that might be able to double your investment but are risky. So, it is important to create a well-planned investment strategy that might be able to guide you to make a better investment.

Every investment option requires a proper planning in the form of investment strategy and adequate knowledge to reap its high return values instead of a loss. You need to incorporate various details to create a well-equipped investment strategy. If you are unable to create a strategy, you can get assistance from expert investors. Apart from investment strategy, you must also get investment advice to identify the right source for long term investment.

Today, you can find many independent financial advisers who might be able to guide you according to your expectation. Investment advice is not just for people with inadequate ideas regarding long or short term investment. People who have ideas regarding a few investment options can also seek an independent financial adviser to pick the best option.

Some investment options that are gaining more popularity among the investors are listed below:

Cash investments:

Cash investment usually refers to bank saving accounts and other forms of deposits. These investments offer low interest rate on regular basis but can become risky during periods of inflation.

Mutual funds:

It is usually a collection of bonds and stocks. Mutual funds are collective investment scheme that polls money from many investors to buy stocks, bonds and other securities. There are many advantages in making use of mutual funds but its income is less predictable.

Real estate:

This investment option is generally a long term option in which you might have to invest on residential or commercial properties. Like real estate, gold and forex are profitable investment option but requires more experience and knowledge. Beginners need to concentrate on options that are not completely subjected to market risk to gain more experience regarding the various risky investment options.

3 weeks ago

Risky business: the Circle of Wealth Investment Club has made a high-stakes investment in a pre-IPO firm. (Investment Clubhouse).

The Circle of Wealth Investment Club celebrated its second

anniversary this past September, and the risk takers, most of whom are

New York City postal employees, have had to manage their investment

portfolio in an environment that included a recession and the Sept. 11

terrorist attacks. In fact, after Sept. 11, the club's portfolio

declined 10% by the end of September 2001, and then tanked another 20%

as of Sept. 30, 2002, when total holdings were valued at $31,000.

"We have tried to find ways to diversify our portfolio.

We've concentrated mostly on small-cap and mid-cap stocks,"

says the club's founder and president, J

1 year ago

Paula Deen's restaurant closes -- without telling employees

Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House, which is owned by Paula Deen and her younger brother, Earl W. "Bubba" Hiers Jr., recently announced that it's closing via Facebook. And nothing wrong with that -- social media is a great way to communicate with people, including customers.

Except that in this case this was also how Bubba's informed the restaurant's employees that it was going out of business and that they were out of a job.

At this point let us pause to make an obvious point: Workers should never be told they've been fired over

1 year ago

A Helpful Guide To Making And Buying Seafood Bisque

By: Frozenseafoodchina

Seafood bisque is a very popular seafood dish. Basically, it is a soup concocted using different seasonal seafood ingredients. Many people love to eat and thoroughly enjoy it. Whether you are looking for a fine recipe for it or if you want to buy good one knowing what is available is the key to getting a good and appetizing meal. Information on buying the dish for the same or making it effortlessly can easily be found online with little effort.

If you want to buy the bisque, you can find the same for sale at local eateries and major chains out there. You can also search the Internet for different recipe variations based on the theme. Although recipes for